What is Zinc?


Zinc is a mineral that helps with the making of new cells, enzymes, the processing of carbohydrate, fat and protein in food. Zinc also helps the healing of wounds.   Which foods is zinc found in? Zinc can be found in meat, shellfish and dairy foods such as cheese. It can also be found in [...]

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What is Vitamin B12?


Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that is needed to make red blood cells, maintaining the health of the nervous system and it releases energy from food.   Which foods is vitamin B12 found in? Vitamin B12 can found in meat, salmon, cod and eggs. It can also be found in dairy foods like milk and [...]

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What is Vitamin C?


Vitamin C is a vitamin that helps protect cells and keeps them healthy. It also maintains healthy skin, blood vessels and bones.   Which foods is vitamin C found in? Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits and their juices, red and green peppers, strawberries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and potatoes. Vitamin C supplements can [...]

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What is Vitamin D?


Vitamin D is a vitamin that helps with the regulation of calcium and phosphate in the body. The nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Which foods can vitamin D be found in? Vitamin D is a vitamin that has a role of helping with the regulation of calcium and phosphate in [...]

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